• Fashion Design (BFA)

    Shi Chang

    Shi's Babyhood

    Most people are unable to remember their babyhood. Later in life, it’s thought of as an ambiguous and vague time. But to me, babyhood is an extremely valuable memory. I spent time with my mother then. We experienced life together, as I took my first step and spoke my first word. As with all memories, not every detail is clear. But I will always cherish these sweet memories. 

    To start developing this collection, I explored children’s art, and imitated the way they drew. From this exploration I was able to delicately transform these organic and unrestrained rounded shapes into silhouettes. This method opens up a new direction for me to push my designs to a new level. I selected colors and textiles that deliver my message and represent the concept. Pastel colors not only emphasize cuteness but provide momentum, because pastels are not commonly used for menswear. I drew upon my fine art background to develop new techniques, such as applying fine art molding to traditional fashion textiles.