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    Waste In-Brief:  As of 2016, The New School is the only University participating in the NYC Mayor’s Zero Waste Challenge.  TNS recycles 47% of tracked materials- a recent audit suggests that this number could be improved to as high as 65% with improved source separation.  Our goal is to improve our recycling rate by an average of 2% per year.

    Waste Stream: The percentage of waste that The New School diverts from landfills (our diversion rate) currently sits at approximately 47%. A recent audit of The New School’s waste stream revealed that up to 2/3rds of waste could be diverted simply with better sorting at the waste bin.

    Waste Stream By Month

    Waste Stream by Month The New School’s waste stream changes throughout the year.  Total waste is highest toward the end of each semester, and dips during the winter recess and summer months. Electronic waste, or e-Waste, peaks toward the move-out during our e-Waste drives.

    Waste Metric FAQ’s:

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    Diversion Rate

    1. Percentage (%)
    2. Diversion rate is the percentage of total waste generated that is kept out of landfills.  Tracking our diversion rate a way of measuring how well The New School’s initiatives to recycle and compost are working.
    3. As of 2016, The New School is the only University participating in the NYC Mayor’s Zero Waste Challenge, which helps improve and bring awareness to our waste diversion efforts.  A waste bin signage redesign and other efforts to recycle particular waste streams will help improve our diversion over time.

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    Outlook Analysis:

    1. Waste diversion efforts were buoyed this year by The New School’s participation in the NYC Mayor’s Zero Waste Challenge. Over the next year, efforts to redesign waste bin signage throughout campus, initiatives to divert more waste during residence hall move-outs, and improved data gathering techniques will continue to further progress.