• What is The New School's Approach to Education?

    Revive the Written Word 750

    Journalism is being redefined by innovative technologies emerging from the digital landscape.  

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    At Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts at The New School, where every inquiry is humane — and innovation is key — we engage the world with the written word, resilient design, and innovative forms of delivery. Students in Lang’s Journalism + Design program use these emerging media to generate compelling news.

    Through the program, students practice a holistic approach to journalism, one that employs new media formats to produce engaging and ethically sound news. A busy interactive digital graph shows lapsed-time temperature increases from a static point in New York City, demonstrating that the narrative of climate change is fact, not fiction. Brilliant LED lights scatter across a map of the United States, illuminating for the public the number of households living below the poverty line and signaling the disappearance of the American middle class. J+D students hone both the critical thinking skills emblematic of Eugene Lang College and the contemporary design practices of which Parsons is at the forefront. They seek new and exciting media with which to speak directly to an engaged public.      

    With its commitment to cutting-edge, powerful discourses, The New School is a force of visual and written literacy, information, and social change. Be a Force of New.