• Rethink Immersive Cinema

    Rethink Immersive Cinema

    Advances in digital technology make for breakthroughs in artistic possibility.

    On flat-screen monitors, a woman delivers a narrative, all of which is typed, synced, and orchestrated by an artist just off the periphery. The artist’s hands rise and fall, propelling the woman on-screen into a fast-forward frenzy; as the hands' movements slacken, her speech slows down in parallel.

    Here at The New School, in the School of Media Studies course Experiments in Narrative, students engaged in visual and textual storytelling that embraces the evolving relationship between artist and media. Using diverse older and contemporary technologies, students combined influences to broaden traditional notions of narrative. Dadaist poetry was read to inspire avant-garde methods of illuminating text. Augmented reality apps helped animate flat personal narratives. Students then visited the Tribeca studio of critically acclaimed Hirshon artist-in-residence Toni Dove. There they experienced firsthand the thrill of truly immersive cinema, their hand flicks bending and contorting plot lines like digital marionettes.

    With its focus on the future, The New School is a force of experimentation, collaboration, and digital innovation. Be a Force of New.

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