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    Manuel Lima

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    "Parsons opened so many doors in my head," says Manuel Lima, an interaction designer, information architect, and design researcher. "I learned from many different disciplines and took away knowledge from each that will stay with me for the rest of my life."

    Lima, a graduate of Parsons' MFA Design and Technology program, has put his studies to good use. Besides working as an interaction designer for firms like R/GA and Nokia, he is a leading thinker and researcher in the emerging field of information visualization, the visual representation of complex information. He has created a groundbreaking website called, which won him a nomination from Creativity magazine as one of the "50 Most Creative and Influential Minds of 2009." Lima lectured on network visualization at the TED Global 2009 conference and is currently working on a book on the topic, to be published by Princeton Architectural Press in early 2011. He acknowledges that he is a part of a growing community. Says Lima, "I'm just one of the voices that represent a new mindset that embraces the beauty of complexity."