• Photography (BFA)

    Anne Norda

    When Anne Norda was a BFA Photography student at Parsons, she volunteered to take photographs of an NYU student film set. "I walked in and had a life epiphany," she recalls. "I knew that I was a filmmaker and that filmmaking was what I wanted to do. Through all the frustrations of this insane career, I have never lost that feeling."

    Norda packed her cameras and moved to Los Angeles to learn the movie business. She wrote plays and scripts, made short films and music videos, and produced theater before making her first independent feature movie, Red Is the Color Of, a provocative drama. The film, completed in 2007, won a number of best-film awards at festivals. Norda is currently developing several film projects while working on a book of photography and poetry and teaching writing workshops. She says, "I want to help others realize their dreams, because I have been so driven to pursue mine."