• Strategic Design and Management (BBA)

    Natalya Sverjensky

    Natalya Sverjensky Profile

    “I never dreamed that I’d be living in London,” says Baltimore native Natalya Sverjensky.

    Since early 2010, Sverjensky has been working as a strategy consultant at the UK-based Futerra Sustainability Communications, an international agency that helps clients promote sustainable development. Sverjensky interned in the firm’s New York City office while studying for her BBA Design and Management degree at Parsons.

    “At The New School, I learned how to advocate effectively for sustainability,” says Sverjensky. “In the BBA program, I developed ways of communicating the business case for sustainability that appealed to different groups.” At Futerra, Natalya works with a wide spectrum of organizations, from governments to NGOs to multinational companies. Her clients include Greenpeace, Unilever, and the United Nations Environment Programme. Natalya recently produced a successful online survey—What Kind of Reporter Are You?—to examine how companies are using corporate social responsibility reporting to reach stakeholders. The survey was launched at this year’s Global Reporting Initiative Conference in Amsterdam.

    “We’ve reached the point where there’s awareness about sustainability at global, national, and local levels,” observes Sverjensky. “Now the challenge is getting people to do something about it.”