• Prateek Sachdev

    Prateek Sachdev Profile

    You've been associated with Versace for three years now. Can you describe your progression in the company?

    As a BBA Strategic Design and Management student, I knew that an internship would help to define my career goals. I used the Parsons online job board, where employers list internships and job opportunities exclusively for Parsons students and alumni. I also met with Career Services advisors, who helped me modify my résumé and write a good cover letter. I got my start at Versace as an intern. During my internship, I assisted buyers, analyzed data, and developed reports. Retail Buying and Retail Planning, courses I took at Parsons, helped me learn business concepts, including sales analysis and order planning.

    After my internship, I was hired as a part-time buyer. I then became a full-time retail operations analyst. I was recently promoted to retail operations manager/ analyst.

    Can you describe the role a retail operations manager/analyst plays?

    My job involves three areas: managing store operations, analysis for the retail division, and creating weekly and monthly reports that enable management to analyze the business.

    It sounds as if you have an extremely full schedule. Do you ever hire interns?

    I hired three interns from Parsons this semester, and another is scheduled to start this summer. Internships help students learn about different aspects of the business world and identify interests.