• Strategic Design and Management (BBA)

    Taylor Sanchez

    Taylor Davidson Sanchez Profile

    The phone rings and a number from Europe appears. The computer hums as 56 new emails roll slowly down its screen. Taylor (Davidson) Sanchez is ready to begin another day as a consumer insight analyst at The Estée Lauder Companies Inc., where she monitors critical trends affecting the company’s portfolio of 28 brands. Sanchez began working at Estée Lauder as an intern during her sophomore year in Parsons’ Design and Management program. After just three months, she was hired as a full-time project coordinator, one of several positions to come.

    Sanchez says, “I enrolled in the Design and Management program because it offered a unique opportunity to explore and apply innovation and design thinking as a strategic approach to business.” She acknowledges that balancing work with a full course load was challenging but says it prepared her for the highly competitive workplace. 

    In her role as a consumer insight analyst, Sanchez correlates consumer behavior with economic influences and provides insight for executives globally. She attributes her success to the close-knit community at Parsons, which, she says, “generates superior work by encouraging students to examine not only the product of their work but the processes behind it.”