• Fashion Design (BFA)

    Leonid Batekhin


    “NUMBERELEVEN” is a personal investigation and a reflection on hiding, pretending, dealing with the fear of being imperfect and stepping into the light, acknowledging flaws and celebrating them as integral parts of self.The research and design process behind the collection heavily relies on deep investigation of craft and materiality, as well as inquiry into form, and establishing a balance between concise silhouette lines, layering, movement and rigorous textile exploration. I designed the collection with the idea of constant reconstruction in mind, and I developed a unique method of yarn foiling which enabled me to “hide” the colors inside the fabric that I hand wove. I also developed a unique and innovative way of material construction from strands of foiled yarn, which is neither woven nor knitted, which I called “yarn ikat.” True authenticity in fashion design can be achieved through material investigation and pushing the boundaries in the field of color and texture, as well as constant questioning of what is cloth, what is fabric, and how to construct it.I am interested in celebrating cultural labor in my work, and I collaborated on some pieces from the collection with the Ethiopian hand weaving community, to whom I mailed my hand-foiled yarn, as well as Mongolian cashmere producers, with whom we developed a unique technique of “hiding” color inside knit ribbing. I strongly believe in the idea of cross-cultural collaboration, and I see it as a driving force in developing sustainable design supply chains of the future.