• Interior Design (AAS)

    Malory Shaath


    This project is a design for the Misrani Hotel within the vacant Revel Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The goal of this project was to re-purpose the broken casino revenue model that is failing to attract people to the Jersey Shore. Our class was instructed to design a hotel with a new type of attraction. We began by examining current trends and focused on the idea of a global connection in our digital world. Physically, our hotel is representative of the pattern of chaotic movement that we wanted to create in our market with the blending of cultures. Misrani is highly energized and always changing.Our hotel features a global market where guests may come to sample the current global trends in many different areas including cuisine, fashion, art, music, and theater, among others. Misrani allows for the creation of a new global culture where guests feel that they are everywhere at once while experiencing up-and-coming trends. Artists, chefs, fashion designers, and musicians in the space may be inspired by one another to produce creations of a new global culture that were never possible in the past. The programs in all of our market spaces have also been redesigned for the future and are not the traditional systems that one would expect to find today. Guests may personalize their rooms with lighting, music, scents, and bath linens. They may order goods delivered to their rooms from the market through a vacuum tube. Fashion designers collaborate and inspire one another to create clothes for visitors on site. Musicians from around the world compete against and complement one another in the nightclub. In the bars and restaurants, mixologists and chefs are constantly mixing and creating new specialties from around the world. Misrani is the culture of the future.