• Graphic Design (AAS)

    Neha Kavan


    11.18.14 is a series of books that aim to capture and preserve various pieces of world news from one day—11 November 2014. The content for these books was crowd sourced. David Womack’s article, “Who Owns History? Archiving the Internet,” which discusses Brewster Kahle’s “Internet Archive,” is the text for the first book in the series. Womack writes, “The Archive is not just a collection of pages and sites; it also captures the links between them. The user can move laterally across the web, from archived site to archived site, experiencing a unique 360-degree perspective of a moment in time.” He describes it as a valuable record of a society in transition. This was the basis of my project. My goal was to capture a 360-degree view of 11.18.14. I reached out to people around the world, asking them to send the piece of news they found most interesting from that date. The response was incredible! Each piece of news lives in its own book, giving credit to the person who sent it. While the books all share the same grid, their forms vary to reflect the diverse nature of the content. Because it’s crowd sourced, the series has no stop-point—it can grow as long as people keep sending in their stories.