• Architecture (MArch)

    Veronica Acosta

    Cognitive Restoration

    Cognitive Restoration is a thesis that proposes a network of public spaces shaped by what is relevant today in the hectic pace of modern life in the digital age. It argues that the more crowded our cities and workplaces get, the more we search for solitude and quiet to remain productive and sane. It questions the open-plan workplace design and provides an alternative for city dwellers, in the heart of the busiest intersections. These restorative environments provide the person with a sense of being away. Psychologically, the person gains distance from unwanted distractions that impose demands that lead to cognitive fatigue. What would the next generation of city dwellers work patterns be like if the city were able to provide them with less stressful open-air work environments? A year-round outdoor public amenity built for cognitive restoration in the heart of the city.