• Architecture (MArch), Lighting Design (MFA)

    Jacinda Ross

    The Roofline(s)

    The goal of this thesis is to reclaim the rooftop landscapes of New York from their current underutilized states by inserting light-conscious architectural interventions that enable a wider range of meaningful human interactions on the highest urban frontier. The Financial District and its residents, which populate an environment that was originally designed for high density commerce, is the geographical target of this project. The neighborhood's narrow streets and tall buildings choke out sunlight, producing dark canyons at street level. 

    The neighborhood also lacks ample public space and private spaces to which its residents can retreat. This thesis envisions an alleviation of these conditions. By mitigating the abundance of daylight and being sensitive to other light sources that exist or can exist on the rooftop, a wider variety of social and individual programs can thrive.