• Graphic Design (AAS)

    Jenna Levine

    Jenna Levine

    Terry Timeline

    Terry Timeline is an interactive website dedicated to the work of top photographer, Terry Richardson. It showcases Richardson’s work through Advertising, Editorials and Magazine Covers. With the use of an interactive Polaroid camera, users are able to browse through each year and watch a photograph of their choice develop and come into clear view. Richardson’s videos are also available, providing insight into the photographer’s world of the moving image, directing music videos and showing behind the scenes from various photo shoots. Terry Timeline gives the user access to his variety of work through a medium in which Richardson is quite familiar with. Putting high-profile celebrities in mundane situations using traditional methods such as the instant camera, is a theme used most repeatedly in Richardson’s work. Known for his thumbs-up and trademark glasses, he is extremely comfortable shooting his subjects solely against a white backdrop. Terry Timeline invites a community of people eager to explore fashion, portrait and documentary photography in a way most relatable to the photographer.