• Fashion Design and Society (MFA)

    Alison Tsai

    Coding Non Stop

    My collections are always inspired by the fabric I create. Using the material as the starting point, I try to process various beads, fringes and tassels to create whole new fabrics: the work engineered. To achieve my ideal outcome, I have to work very precisely creating codes for the design. Often very organic and creature-like shapes can be seen in my work. This is not intentional, but something like that is always there. Before coming to Parsons, I studied at a medical school in Taiwan, and worked in a cancer center for around four years. I learned so much from anatomy, biology and other related fields. This experience has inspired my work. As a knitwear designer, I take a strong mathematical approach to design and pattern construction. I believe that innovation comes from a systematic approach, which makes all the difference. © Paul Jung