• Product Design (BFA)

    Siramol On-Sri


    KRAHM is a holistic production system for men's footwear that addresses both the decline of the Thai footwear industry due to rising labor costs, as well as the increased incidence of athlete’s foot due to Thailand's tropical climate. The shoes incorporate anti-fungal materials that breathe and absorb sweat, acting as medication for the feet without having to repeatedly apply less-effective traditional remedies.

    Krahm is the Thai name for an indigo plant that has alkaline properties that neutralize the acidic skin conditions favored by the fungus. The krahm plant is used to dye the cotton fabric for the lining of the shoe. KRAHM also includes multi-purpose packaging for transport and storage in the home that encourages ventilation and proper maintenance to prolong the effectiveness of the shoes.

    KRAHM is much more than a shoe, it is a production system that works with Thai footwear artisans and suppliers and utilizes local materials. Together, KRAHM supports and elevates the well being of the Thai people and the Thai shoe industry. KRAHM is the pride of the Thais.