• Design and Technology (MFA)

    Noa Dolberg

    Gadgets for the Caveman

    Gadgets for the Caveman is an installation that envisions an encounter between an early human and the world in its current cultural, environmental and technological state. Each gadget rethinks an element or a concept from everyday life and illustrates it for the caveman: a switch, a night lamp, and the idea of time.

    To assist the Caveman in making connections between today’s tools and his ancient ones, the gadgets are ancient-contemporary, intentionally ignoring a long evolutionary process in which one technology led to another.

    The gadgets are a hybrid between the natural and the technological, using Arduino boards, openFrameworks, sound, video, electronics, light bulbs, motors, stones, bricks, a mirror and a flashlight. The installation aims to draw a line between ourselves today and our early beginnings, questioning the dynamics of technology and how it affects us, contributes to our lives, and where it reduces our potential to be inventive and connected to the world.