• Photography (BFA)

    Matthew Shrier


    Drawing from philosophy, art history and literature, the series Post-Medium stems from a fascination with the lifecycle of art objects, and what they hold in common to be categorized as art. The goal of the work is to further my own understanding of art, and in this find ways for the practice of art to progress. The project operates on the thesis that once one focuses on the universality in art, the meaning can be come clearer.

    All art begins as some thought. This thought propels an action, which affects either bodies or objects in the world. As the action and the affected object are experienced, they form a metaphysical (memory) and physical (photographic) record; this is the thought fully coming into material form.

    Using stones, cloth and water to illustrate the action, object and records, still lives are created to represent the philosophical conundrums of each stage. As the stages become more intertwined, the work spirals into abstraction and the lines between the materials are blurred, mirroring the indeterminate nature of the action, object, and record.

    Art is not the object before you but the light you see it in.