• Illustration (BFA)

    Leanne Shunney

    Cnidaria, Chordata, Mollusca

    Cnidaria, Chordata, Mollusca is an exploration of different forms of marine life, more specifically a variety of species of whales, sharks, and squid. The aim was to capture the essence of these individual creatures in unique, emotive ways through the application of different media. I aspire for my work to hint at realism but bring an emotive quality into play, offering a unique perspective on the natural world. I primarily work with watercolor, drawing and printmaking techniques. The use of traditional media is an important part of my work as it allows for natural experimentation to occur in refreshing ways. The project began with singular images of different sea creatures. I found myself wanting to push the boundaries rather than having these images stand on their own and thus began to create patterns that I printed on textiles, both digital and screen printed.  The final project includes a book, zine, poster, etching, watercolors, digitally printed scarves, screen-printed tote bags, and wall hangings.