• Communication Design (BFA)

    Nika Simovich


    Today’s society has reached a crossroads. We are in the midst of a digital revolution, yet rather than creating a definitive visual language we are clinging to the past and delineating ourselves with recycled fashions and imagery. Due to our fascination with the past, we are preventing ourselves from defining the present. Design is banking on the familiarity of the past to denote a warm feeling toward the present. While this is effective, it fails to fulfill the other responsibilities of the designer, which is to create new ideas and address present-day issues. Even though it might be impossible to completely stop referencing the past, I believe it is possible to stop relying on recycled trends and equally important to try. A revolution needs to occur, and this revolution is Post-Nostalgia. Post-Nostalgia is a movement that seeks to create a graphic identity that does not reference the past. Even though it may be impossible to do so, it is equally important to try.  Post-Nostalgia's goal is to create a graphic style that does not rely on recycled elements. Basically, I wanted to start from scratch, building a narrative through design specific to the project at hand.