• Design and Technology (MFA)

    Kellyn Loehr


    ZombieComp questions the intelligence of accepting an ever-increasing number of “smart” objects into our lives without critique. The project proposes that we reflect on how these devices constrain our free will and, at the same time, asks us to consider the life they take on as they become smarter. As objects become capable of sensing and responding to their surroundings, they enter a transitional state between life and death; they become zombies. What happens when we lose control of these zombies all around us? ZombieComp begins by dissecting the behavior of different zombies from film and pop-culture to discover what modifications have been made to turn those bodies into zombies. Then it breaks those modifications down into a system or an algorithm. These “zombie algorithms” provide a methodology to create zombie objects, and to critically engage with designed objects so as to encourage us to consider how “smart” we really want our devices to be.