• Fashion Design (BFA)

    Tanni Xu

    My Fall/Winter women’s ready-to-wear collection was created based on an analysis of the culture of collecting, taking inspiration from my personal hobby for collecting as well as a compulsive hoarder’s point of view. My childhood memory box served as a point of reference during the design process as I examined the process of revealing and retaining past memories. A sense of nostalgia is expressed throughout the collection in various manners, through shape and proportion as well as through color and textiles. This heavily print and textile injected collection is supported by familiar shapes, promising a greater sense of universalism for the viewer. Throughout this heavily layered collection, elements of physical layering contrasted with an illusionistic sense of layering, creating a balanced tension. Informed by a childlike nature, the collection aspires to enlighten the viewer on the notion of hiding, revealing and rediscovering one’s memories.