• Fashion Design and Society (MFA)

    Noriko Kikuchi


    For my final project I have explored the concept of “White.” It is a color yet it is the absence of color; it is a single color yet it contains a whole spectrum of shades within. I think what drives me to create is the philosophy behind things, I’m constantly looking for the value and meaning in everyday life. White is a powerful color that stands for silence, purity and new beginnings. Colors constantly shift in response to subtle gradations of light, in contrast white is the interval of space and time.

    I found myself expressing white through dark surroundings and strong shadow. I have created semi transparent fine knitted fabrics using silk and cashmere yarns, then using needle punching technique to fuse several fabrics together, as well as to attach knits onto woven mesh fabrics to create dresses in subtle colors in the range of rainbow colors, such as light purple, blue and green to express the complexity of WHITE through its colors and textures.