• Strategic Design and Management (BBA)

    Daniella Pena and Rosalind Louvet

    Journey through Health Care

    The main goal of this project was to find ways to increase people’s participation with preventive healthcare. After primary and secondary research focusing on understanding people’s habits, attitudes and wants towards healthcare, we identified 18-26 year olds as the segment with the least interaction with the healthcare system. Through observations, user drawings and conversations we realized that this lack of interaction was a result of little to no understanding of the healthcare system, in particular health insurance. We set out to redesign health insurance in a way these users could understand. We did so by co-creating our final design and incorporating user feedback at all stages of development.

    Our final proposal was a redesign of an insurance “Explanation of Benefits,” with an emphasis on educating users on the reasons to have insurance, when to use it and revealing preventive care services.

    Our findings and user interactions were documented in a short movie: HTTP://VIMEO.COM/39217709