• Julia Zeltser and Deroy Peraza

    Julia Zeltser and Deroy Peraza

    Brooklyn-based Hyperakt Design Group, Inc., was founded in 2002 by Parsons Illustration program graduates Julia Zeltser and Deroy Peraza. Today the firm creates identities, websites, and print design for clients including the global brands Virgin and Camel and civil rights organizations like the ACLU. Zeltser and Peraza's partnership is built on friendship and mutual regard that began at Parsons. "We met on the first day of school," says Zeltser. "We admired each other's work and always compared it. After 13 years, we still work very collaboratively."

    Recently the pair created the Billboard for the People initiative, publicly congratulating President Obama through grassroots-funded ad space in New York City. “We work very organically. One of us can start a project and the other can pick it up fairly seamlessly," explains Peraza. "We have high expectations for each other's work. It's very important to each of us to get the other's stamp of approval."