• Amanda Drozer

    Risktaking=Changemaking: This experience allowed members of the university community to watch experimental processes unfold, utilize creativity in exploring their need to make change, engage in discussion, and reflect on the social issues that they care most deeply about.

    What inspires you?

    Examining risk-taking, experimentation, and improvisation as key elements that are evident in both the artistic process and the process of a social innovator.

    What's Risktaking=Changemaking?

    Risktaking=Changemaking was conceived and directed in collaboration with New School students and faculty during the spring semester of 2010. It was a multi-disciplinary performance and art-making project that engaged over 100 people from the university community in an exploration of what a "changemaker" is.

    The event took place on the first floor of the Sheila C. Johnson Design Center, an area not normally used for performances, and brought together students and faculty from the areas of Management, International Affairs, Design, Media Studies, and Jazz. The day's activities included an improvised performance between New School dancers, musicians, and singers, a community art-making project, interactive word cloud activities, and in-person interviews and discussions.

    Risktaking=Changemaking was chosen for Ashoka U Incubation, a program that helps support student innovators at Changemaker Campuses and their ideas to make change.

    What's the innovation?

    The concept behind this project was to use creativity and art-making as a way to build community within the university community.