• Venessa Miemis


    The Future of Facebook is a six-part video series exploring the impact social networking technologies are having on our lives. Using the open foresight model, forecasts have been generated by combining expert opinion with insights from the public. All content is licensed under acreative commons cc-by 3.0 share-alike license, making it free to remix and reuse, with attribution.

    What’s your inspiration?

    My interests in futures studies, accelerating change, critical theory, and media production have been converging for several years now. I’m inspired to transform this blend into video-based communications to raise awareness about the forces affecting our future and getting more of us involved in the process of shaping its direction.

    What is Open Foresight?

    Open Foresight is a social response to accelerating change. It's a process that crowdsources the future of given topics, as demonstrated by the Future of Facebook pilot project.

    It's different because it structures data around established futures categories and methods, then synthesizes that information into an easily digestible video format.

    What’s the mission of your project

    The goal of Open Foresight is to accelerate the rate of transmission of complex concepts in a manner that's visually rich, engaging, and straightforward. If issues can be clarified, we can take the public dialogue to the next level of understanding.