• Lauren Coakley-Vincent


    Teachers Knowledge Network: After identifying an unmet need in America’s education system, Lauren and Lesley teamed up to create an innovative solution providing educators with an opportunity to share ideas and use technology in new ways.

    What is the Teachers Knowledge Network?

    The  Teacher's Knowledge Network (TKN), founded by me and my husband, Lesley Vincent, is an educational service project that provides a collaborative platform where teachers, student-teachers, and Google enthusiasts from all over the United States share ideas on using Google technology to educate and innovate in and out of the classroom. 

    The website serves to document and synthesize best practices, while the project ultimately aspires to enhance learning as teachers and students become efficient and innovative users of interactive technology.

    What issue does TKN address?

    Lesley came up with the idea for TKN while working in New York City public schools. He was surprised by the complete lack of a platform where educators could exchange and share information and ideas. Being the tech savvy innovator he is, he decided to create an online platform to fill this void in public education.

    How do the husband-and-wife team work together?

    met Lesley while serving in the Peace Corps in Grenada. We work well together; Lesley has a never-ending stream of ideas and I have become an expert at picking the best ones and helping to turn them into a reality.

    Did nutmeg bring these two together?

    As you may already know, Connecticut is the Nutmeg State and Grenada, the "Island of Spice," prominently features a nutmeg on its flag. So, the answer is yes; we were brought together by nutmeg.