• Bland Hoke

    Connecting creative individuals with industries that produce usable waste, forming a mutually beneficial relationship between creativity and the environment.


    What's the Upcycling Institute? 

    It's an artist-in-residence program that connects creative individuals with industries that produce usable waste. The goal is to form symbiotic relationships between creativity and environmental problems. By doing so, the Upcycling Institute uplifts the value of artists in society, demonstrating how creative visions can transform waste to wonder. By focusing on the assets of artists, and the physical problem of waste, the Upcycling Institute makes a compelling case for creativity, promoting the function of art and purpose of the individuals who make it.

    What inspires your work?

    Material reuse, creative cultures, and organizations with a social purpose.

    From where did your idea for the Upcycling Institute come?

    I'm really interested in the concept of upcycling—creating value from materials that would otherwise be discarded. My artwork consists of large-scale installations and functional sculptures that push the capabilities and alter the context of cast-off resources. I also develop programs and projects that provide the opportunity for others to engage in the splendors of waste.