• Journal Donation Project

    The Journal Donation Project (JDP) was launched in 1990 by Arien Mack, Alfred J. and Monette C. Marrow Professor of Psychology and editor of the journal Social Research. The mission of the JDP is to help develop research and teaching capacities in institutions of higher learning by building archives of journals in countries that for political and/or economic reasons have been unable to do so on their own by providing major research and teaching libraries with current, high-quality journals published in the West. The journals provided serve to connect scholars, students, and professionals to a global community of current research, debate, and information.

    The project began in response to the critical need for this material in the former Soviet Union and in East and Central Europe, where it had been unavailable for almost 45 years. The JDP library network now includes 246 libraries in 25 countries, including Russia, Nigeria, and Vietnam and countries throughout the former Soviet Union and Eastern and Central Europe. In 2007, the JDP began working in Cuba.

    We are currently funded by The MacArthur Foundation for our work in Nigeria; The Carnegie Corporation of New York for our work in Russia and the Former Soviet Union, The Ford Foundation—Hanoi for our work in Vietnam, and The Ford Foundation—Mexico, The Christopher Reynolds Foundation, and the Samuel Rubin Foundation for our work in Cuba. Our past funders include: The Open Society Institute, The Soros Foundation, The Andrew Mellon Foundation, The Ford Foundation—New York, The Ford Foundation—Moscow, United States Information Agency, Smith Richardson Foundation, The Eurasia Foundation, Rockefeller Financial Services, The Paul Newman Foundation.

    Until 1995, the JDP’s funding was based entirely upon the donation of subscriptions by publishers and editors. In 1996, however, the project introduced a reduced-cost subscription program, in which participating publishers extend significant discounts to the JDP and to libraries that are able to purchase journals through the JDP using their own resources. Currently, 250 publishers participate in the Project, and the number of publishers continuously increases. JDP libraries receive approximately 5,500 journal subscriptions annually. The total value of the journals sent since 1990 is $14 million.

    Today the JDP represents a major international library assistance program, offering more than 2,000 English-language journals to our network of libraries. These journals are among the best in their respective fields of research in the social sciences, humanities, law, public policy, business, medicine, technology, science, agriculture, arts and architecture. Additionally, nearly 95 percent of the print titles provided by the project are accompanied by complimentary electronic subscriptions.

    For more information, contact:
    Arien Mack, Director
    Journal Donation Project
    The New School for Social Research
    65 Fifth Avenue, Room 416
    New York, NY 10003
    Telephone: 212.229.5789 and 212.229.5700 x3105