Parsons Paris

Parsons Paris.



Najlah Hicks 2009
Founder, Design for Social Good

Igor Pusenjak  2000
Company link:
Creator of Doodle Jump, one of the most popular mobile games

Wade Tinney 1999
Founder, Large Animal Games

Miao Wang 2006
Documentary Producer/Director, "Bejing Taxi"

Emilia Wiles 2008
Founder, Director of Student Success Centers, New York


Zach Gage 2011
Creator of Lose/Lose, Halcyon 

Jeanne Kelly 2011
Creator of the Hyrtle Simulacrum

Joon Moon 2010
Creator of Augmented Reality at MoMA "Talk to Me," Fall 2011

Evan Roth 2006
Creator of Graffiti Taxonomy at MoMA "Talk to Me," Fall 2011

Eyebeam Art & Technology Center Fellows

Chris Sugrue 2006

Kaho Abe 2005

Carrie Mae Rose 2010

In Companies:

Kat Reilly 2011
Product Manager, DIMG Innovation
Disney Interactive Group Media

Kenneth Tsai 2006
Vice President of Asia Pacific/CS


  • Apple
  • Google
  • Huge
  • Local Projects
  • Microsoft
  • MTV
  • Yahoo