• Hans Otto Von Busch

    Associate Professor of Integrated Design

    Office Location:

    Sheila Johnson Design Center


    Dr. Otto von Busch is full time faculty at Integrated Design, School of Design Strategies, and point person for the minor in Alternative Fashion Strategies. In his research he explores the emergence of a new hacktivist designer role in fashion, where the designer engages participants to reform fashion from a phenomenon of dictations, anxiety and fear, into a collective experience of empowerment and liberation.In such practice, design and craft is reverse engineered, hacked and shared among many participants as a form of civic engagement, building community capabilities through collaborative craft and social activism.
    Over the last years, he has been putting forward a realist perspective on design, a parallel to Realpolitik he playfully calls Realdesign. In these studies, design is not primarily concerned with how things ought to be (as Herbert Simon suggested) but how things are, that is, how they are instruments of proposition as well as corruption, in games of Machiavellian deception, domination, and violence. A perspective of Realdesign may offer a point of departure towards strategies of resistance, nonviolence and phronesis, towards more virtuous, but also realist, practices of design.
    At Parsons, he is part of the Fashion Praxis Collective.
    Much of his research can be found at