• Profile:

    My education and professional career began as a draftsman and facilities planner for engineers and architects. I gradually segued from precision and perspective to syncopation and composition performing and recording music, and simultaneously working as an artist in the retail and photo industry. Imagination was the impetus to the arts, and my altruistic nature and desire to learn directed me to academia. As an educator, my intention is to guide individuals with new systems of thought on the facets of interdisciplinary thinking and the creative expression of sensory patterns, design elements and intention. 

    I am inspired to create environments conducive for discovering possibilities, developing innovative concepts + communicating one's vision. My influences are the calligraphic spirit of landscapes and taijiquan, syncopated musical and visual rhythms and the sensibility of Haiku poems and Shakespeare sonnets.


    Degrees Held:

    MFA - Ceramic sculpture + Metalsmithing

    BA - Ceramic sculpture + Glass blowing

    AE - Mechanical Engineering

    Professional Affiliations:

    RSA - London (Royal Society for the Arts, Manufactures + Commerce)

    Higher Learning and Education

    Copyright Alliance



    Recent Publications:

    Washington Post Cover - October 2014

    SIA-China video interview - September 2016 + February 2017


    Performances And Appearances:

    Guest Artist: Concept Design + Collaborative Strategies, SIA, Beijing + Shanghai, China - June/July 2016

    Guest Speaker: Health & Wellness / Dedication Presentation, Aldie Mansion, "Y" Doylestown, PA - July 2015

    Musical Performance: Southampton, PA - June 2015

    Webinar: Concept Design, Tulsa University Communication Dept - November 2014

    Photo Design: Columbia University Dental School - October 2014

    Photo Documentation: Support Connection Event - October 2014



    Research Interests:

    concept design, interdisciplinary thinking, neuroscience, sustainability