• Parsons faculty often seek out external partnerships because they wish to offer students a "real world" experience within their learning process. We welcome these collaborative partnerships in general, as they represent unique pedagogical opportunities for our students, for Parsons, and for the partnering organizations alike.

    If you wish to initiate the process required to incorporate an external partnership into your course assignments or research lab, please discuss it with your Program Director. Once the partnership is approved, download and complete the Partnership/Project Proposal (Word doc), submitting it to the External Partnership faculty representative from your school, who will mentor you and help manage this legal process:

    DEADLINES for submitting a completed Partnership/Project Proposal to your school faculty representative:

    • April 15 for fall semester courses
    • October 15 for spring semester courses

    "External Partnerships" do not involve having guests from businesses or organizations come to your classroom to speak to your students. Rather, they involve transactional relationships where information, ideas, goods, and/or monies will be exchanged.