• Profile:

    Sadia Shirazi is a writer, independent curator and architect. She is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Art History and Visual Studies at Cornell University. 


    Degrees Held:

    MArch, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    BA, University of Chicago

    Professional Affiliations:

    College Art Association (CAA)

    Whitney Museum of American Art Independent Study Program (ISP)


    Recent Publications:

    "A Room of One's Own," for Zarina: Weaving Darkness and Silence, Exhibition catalogue, Gallery Espace, Delhi (February 2018).
    "Stretched Terrains," Exhibition Review, Critics' Picks, Art Forum, June 2017.
    "Postcommodity with Sadia Shirazi," Interview, Issue 134 "Land," C Magazin, June 2017.
    "the cuts. cheyanne turions and Sadia Shirazi," Indigenous New York: Critically Speaking, Vera List Center, March 2017.
    Welcome To What We Took From Is The State, Exhibition catalogue, The Queens Museum, New York, March 2016.
    "Europe, Europe, Europe: Chant Avedissian with Sadia Shirazi," Interview, Jadaliyya, 22 June 2015.
    "Lahore: Architecture of In/Security," The Funambulist Pamphlet 01: Militarized Cities (September 2015): 14-19.
    "Delhicentric: Zarina's Paper Like Skin," Exhibition review of Zarina: Paper Like Skin, Jadaliyya, 10 June 2013.
    "On Exhibition Without Ojbects - Flatness, File Size and Hard Drives," Independent Curators International (iCi) Research Journal, 30 September 2013.
    "230 MB/ Exhibition Without Objects," Exhibition catalogue, Khoj International Artists' Association, New Delhi, 10 February 2103. 
    "Subject: Exhibition Without Objects," SARAI Reader 09: Projections, ed. Raqs Media Collective and Shveta Sarda (April 2013), 231-239.
    "Cinematic Occupation: Kamal Al Jafari's Port of Memory," Film review, Jadaliyya, 9 August 2012.

    Research Interests:

    Global Art History
    Global Modernism and Contemporary Art
    Architecture and Urbanism
    Theories of Translation
    Postcolonial Theory, Black Critical Theory, Critical Theory, Media Theory, Feminist and Queer Theory
    Performance Studies