• Pascal Nuzzo

    Faculty, Strategic Design and Management

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    Pascal Nuzzo was born into a Franco-Italian family that has worked in the leather and fashion accessories industry for four generations. His familiarity with luxury products and top-quality design, manufacturing and materials dates back to his childhood.

    From this unique experience and family heritage Nuzzo developed both an eye for detail and in-depth knowledge of design processes, techniques, and materials. He has extensive experience in designing and creating innovative leather goods, fashion accessories, footwear, and jewelry. He enjoys giving refined products a modern twist and elegantly blending tradition with contemporary inspirations and new technology. He is also highly knowledgeable about construction, fit, technical solutions, industrial applications, and costing as well as marketing and brand strategy, collection building, and commercial flair.

    Nuzzo specializes in creative direction in the global business market, managing design and product development teams for international brands and solidifying their leadership in the luxury, premium and lifestyle markets. He focuses on successfully implementing brand strategies and making unique, functional, desirable, and visionary products.