• Maura Jurgrau

    Assistant Professor of Fashion

    Office Location:

    University Center


    Maura is a Textile-Graphic Artist and Design Educator with twenty-five years of experience in corporate and academic environments. Her focus is on curriculum development and implementation. At Parsons, she has held titles including Director of Fashion Computing, and Assistant Chair of BFA Fashion Design. She is presently Coordinator of the Visual Communication curriculum for BFA Fashion, and a full-time Assistant Professor. She is an appointed member to the Committee on Undergraduate Education (CUE):, and the School of Fashion Curriculum Committee (SCC). She is Content Editor for the 560 Fashion Lookbook: Maura is a pioneer in digital fabric printing, has spoken at CITDA and AATCC, and curated "Exploring Digital Fashion and Textile Design". In the late 1980's to the mid 1990's Maura was Computer Design Manager for R.H. Macys Corporate Buying, and The Lesley Fay Companies, where she implemented the earliest CAD studios in the Fashion industry, distributing technology Company-wide. She is Co-Founder-Partner in Digital Design Therapy, LLC: a unique collaborative enterprise, offering expertise in Design, development of customized courses, and training. Maura has created designs, consulted on projects, and developed courses for clients including: Lady Gaga, Polymer Group, DKNY Men's, Natori, Walt Disney, GAP, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Liz Claiborne, Fila USA, Donna Haag, Brush Stroke Design, Ulster Weavers, and others. For more than a decade, she has collaboratively developed the Macys Merchandising Group Designer Training Program, and is an instructor. She also co-created The Design Experience series. She holds U.S. Design Patents D561479, D561480, D055364, D0555909.