• Manoj Fenelon

    Associate Professor of Strategic Design and Management


    Manoj Fenelon has held many positions, ranging from: an advertising copywriter, a PhD student examining the communication of emotion, a director of business innovation, a social intrapreneur and Aspen Institute fellow, a design professor, and futures researcher. Fenelon has made a career out of being curious about what people buy, and why—not only products and services but also notions about the world and how it works (or doesn’t). In a world teeming with answers, he asks important questions and catalyzes collective imagination towards transformative social change. Fenelon is a futurist who does not believe in predictions, advocating instead for participatory approaches to co-imagining desirable tomorrows. Fenelon is Indian by birth, a New Yorker by residence, and a nomad in spirit.

    Current Courses:

    Media Futures