• Leyla Neri

    Director, Fashion Design

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    Leyla Neri is a fashion designer, costume designer, and cultural anthropologist. Following her foundation courses in mathematics and architecture at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, she started her career as a set and costume designer while pursuing her studies in fashion design. After her Master of Fine Arts in fashion design in Florence, her first experience in a luxury company took place within the context of the burgeoning heritage center of Gucci.

    She was an independent fashion designer in Milan and Gallarate prior to holding a faculty position in Geneva. She spent five years as professor, head of Product Design Department and director of Fashion Design program at the Geneva School of Art and Design (HEAD) where she developed new curricula following the European Higher Education Bologna Process. She was also the founding director of the Master in Luxury Management at the Geneva School of Business Administration.

    She ran the project that led to the registration of the first dress ever acknowledged as an element of the UNESCO Representative List of Cultural Heritage of Humanity, before completing her Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology at the Université Lumière in Lyon.

    She joined Parsons Paris as Director of Fashion Design in 2016.

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    Design Studio 4

    Design Studio 4: Workshop

    Independent Study

    Independent Study (Fall 2019)


    Internship (Fall 2019)