• Francesca Bonesio

    Coordinator and Faculty, First Year; Faculty, Art, Media, and Technology

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    Francesca Bonesio is an Italian architect and artist based in Paris. Working on the frontier between art and architecture, she co-founded Atelier 37.2 in 2009 with Nicolas Guiraud, with whom she develops micro-architectural projects, inhabited sculptures, wearable sculptures, installations, and land art. For their project The Whitewalkers, they embarked on a 15,000-kilometer odyssey across Europe, driving a set of sculptures they had produced across dozens of borders, creating 120 installations in more than 20 countries, and drawing an alternative map of the continent. Their latest piece, Graft, a wearable sculpture installation and performance piece exploring the place of the body through virtual reality, was recently presented at Theatre de la Ville and Centquatre in Paris.

    Bonesio is also the art director of PRIMA, a micro-architecture foundation set in the largest quarries in France. Her works are featured regularly in the international art and architecture press and have been exhibited by art institutions and in festivals and private collections throughout Europe. Bonesio studied in Belgium, the United States, and Italy, where she obtained her PhD in Architecture from Politecnico di Torino. She lectures and teaches in a number of French art and design schools.

    Current Courses:

    Independent Study (Fall 2019)

    Internship (Fall 2019)


    Space/Materiality: (Fall 2019)

    Wearable Spaces