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    My parents were German immigrants, I am first generation American. Our family resided in Queens, New York. From an early age, I remember attending Mrs. Dalowski's art school which was also a studio in her apartment. I can still remember my work being displayed as well as winning a prize in the local library. 

    In 1975 I graduated as a psychology and art major from Binghamton University in upstate, New York. One of my major influences was Linda Sokolowski and Charles Eldred, Professors at the university. After a long period of travel abroad, I returned to New York enrolling at The art Students League, studying with Leo Manso. At the same time I enrolled in the school of architecture at City College, CUNY. Although I did not complete studies in architecture, I did achieve two degrees in interior design. I earned an Associates degree at The Fashion Institute of Technology, New York and an Masters in Design at The University of Massachusetts, Amherst. 

    My studies culminated In 1987 when I completed a Masters in Fine Arts in painting and drawing from Brooklyn College, CUNY. I studied with Lennart Anderson, Lois Dodd, Robert Henry, Lee Bontecou among others. 

    Besides having one man and group shows over the years, I have attended numerous artist residences over the years.

    I am currently teaching drawing at Parsons School of Design and have been affiliated with the school since 1983. I have also taught at The New York School of Interior Design, New York Institute of Technology and Brookdale Community College.

    I am also licensed as an art teacher having taught art at Maxwell High School and Brooklyn Technical High School. I was an Assistant Principal from 2002-2009 at Brooklyn Tech and Principal from 2009-2014 at The High School of Art and Design. 

    Recent Publications:

    My art work is representational in nature. the themes over the years have incorporated architectural images as well as those generated from plain air painting. For example, one group of paintings explored old interiors, spaces which bring us back to another time and place. I am particularly intrigued by mountains and rural environments which are reflected in many of my paintings and drawings. 

    My paintings as of late are about outside spaces. I enjoy the plein aire painting process, carrying around my french easel and setting up even on the coldest of days. Some of the sites I have visited include rural settings, mainly the Catskills as well as urban scenes. The ghostly remains of Coney Island as well as some of the old sites in Brooklyn are particularly alluring.

    Capturing nature has always been a central focus of my art. I am interested in the organic forms we see in nature as well as he ever changing light. These forms are represented by mountains as well as the every moving shapes at the seashore. 

    I am also attracted to the geometric quality of building and boardwalks among other man made structures. My training in architecture and design has made me sensitive to compositions created by the random placement of structures. My paintings often stir up memories and perhaps an emphatic response on the part of the viewer. 

    I lay the paint heavily on the canvas building a textured surface. The colors I choose ass a sense of history and time that comes through in my imagery.

    Research Interests:


    b. 1953, New York, New York
    Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York

    • 2006College of St. Rose, MS
    • 1998Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy, Certificate
    • 1987Brooklyn College, CUNY, MFA
    • 1986University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MS
    • 1983The Fashion Institute of Technology
    • 1982State University of New York, Stony Brook, MS
    • 1975Harpur College, SUNY Binghamton/McGill University, BA
    • 1990Retrospective-solo, Tompkins Square Gallery Solo Exhibit, NYC
    • 1988Retrospective, Paier College of Art Solo Exhibit, Hamden, CT
    • 1987Retrospective, New York University-Solo Exhibit, Downtown Gallery
    • 1984Solo Show, Wheeler Gallery-Solo Exhibit, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
    • 1984Solo show, Springfield Central Gallery-Solo Exhibit , Springfield, MA
    • 1982University Gallery, SUNY Stony Brook, University Gallery-Solo Exhibit, Stony Brook, NY
    • 1981University Gallery, SUNY Stony Brook, University Gallery Solo Exhibit, Stony Brook, NY
    • 2002paintings, Elana Zang Gallery, Woodstock, NY
    • 2007Brydcliffe Artist Colony, Woodstock, NY
    • 2004Cooper Union College-Art Educator in Residence
    • 2004Byrdcliffe Artist Colony, Woodstock, NY
    • 2003Brydcliffe Artist Colony, Woodstock, NY
    • 2001Skidmore College Art Educator in Residence
    • 2000Brydcliffe Artist Colony, Woodstock, NY
    • 1998Cummington Community of the Arts, Cummington, MA
    • 1997Cummington Community of the Arts, Cummington, MA
    • 1988Cummington Community of the Arts, Cummington, MA
    • 1987The Ragdale Foundation, Lake Forest, IL