• David Duhamel

    Faculty, First Year

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    David Duhamel is an economist with a PhD from the Sorbonne. His area of expertise is modern economic theories of justice. He also focuses on politics, economics, U.S. subcultures, and gender issues.

    Duhamel teaches economics to non-French students at Sciences Po in Paris. Combining the diverse backgrounds of the class with a wide array of subjects (globalization, growth and its possible end, inequalities, the rise of populism, the rise of artificial intelligence, climate change, the commodification of the human experience—if not its Tinderization) allows for a win-win environment, or, as is said in Arabic, Taarradhin.

    In Duhamel's opinion, in a world where knowledge is only a Google search away, the teacher's role has not changed enough. He strives to create an atmosphere of joyful conviviality and open dialogue, which he feels allows the real value of professors' work to emerge.

    Duhamel has worked on several documentaries on economics, including Les Nouveaux Loups de Wall Street, a film about high-frequency trading.