• Profile:

    Anette's paintings employ the segmentation of space, patterned surfaces, and transparent membranes to result in a sensual abstraction. Exhibited in both Boston and New York, her work questions what happens to the world if the physical elements of place- ground, sky, and walls- are removed and changed. Anette has developed a nuanced understanding of color and form through her studies at the Mass College of Art in Boston (BFA) and the School of Visual Art in New York (MFA). In addition to an extensive practice as a museum educator at the Guggenheim Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the Brooklyn Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. Anette currently teaches at Parsons The New School.

    Research Interests:

    art history,color theory ,painting,pattern construction,visual culture studies

    Current Courses:

    Foundation Studio Senior

    Digital Surface Design (Open Campus)

    Graphic Design 1 (Open Campus)

    Graphic Design 1 (Open Campus)

    Graphic Design 1

    Integrative Studio 2

    [LS] Integrative Studio 1

    [LS] Integrative Studio 2