• Tamara Albu

    Associate Professor of Fashion

    Office Location:

    David M. Schwartz Fashion Education Center


    Born in Romania, Tamara's journey to the fashion world began with her studies in Decorative Arts at Academy of Fine Arts in Bucharest, Romania. After she earned her M.F.A. in Fashion Design she worked as a fashion designer and illustrator. Several years after working in fashion she decided to come to New York where she continued her career and soon realized her passion for educating emerging designers.

    While former director of the Fashion Studies Program at Parsons, Albu played an integral role in developing and implementing innovative fashion curriculum that included an international study abroad course she taught in Paris titled, European Fashion: Tradition and Innovation. She continues to teach a wide range of courses from fundamental drawing principles to advanced Illustration techniques.

    As an invited guest of universities and conferences in the United States, Europe, Asia and United Arab Emirates, Tamara has shared her expertise in design by hosting lectures and design technique workshops. Her design approach promotes true synergy and coordination between cognitive and motor skills.

    Most recently she has collaborated with the Beijing Fashion Institute of Technology academia to lead undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate fashion candidates. Her workshops nurture the talents of designers and enable them to extend their skills.

    Her current research on fashion + sustainability has become an integral part of her philosophy, enabling emerging designers to rethink the creative process, as well as fashion’s socio-economic and environmental impact.

    Degrees Held:

    M.F.A. in Fashion Design

    Recent Publications:

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    Performances And Appearances:

    Fashion Colloquia – Milan, Italy

    • 21st Century Design Education Alternatives
    • Tradition and Innovation in Design Pedagogy: A Synergy Between Craft and Technology


    Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology (BIFT) – Beijing, China

    • Fashion Portfolio Workshop


    China Academy of Art – Hangzhou, China

    • Fashion Design from Mess to Message – Lecture Series
    • Fashion Design in the Global Industry – Workshop


    ICERI – Madrid, Spain

    • Tradition and Innovation in Design Pedagogy


    The Handloom School -- Maheshwar, India

    • Curriculum Development
    • Design Fundamentals Workshop


    Parsons School of Design – New York, USA

    • Slow Fashion India
    • Tradition and Innovation in Design Pedagogy: A Synergy Between Craft and Technology
    • Coloring Fashion: Natural and Synthetic Dyeing in Textiles Today


    Kyrgyz State University for Construction, Transportation and Architecture, Kyrgyz Russian Slavonic University – Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

    • Designer’s Portfolio as Marketing Vehicle
    • Fashion Portfolio Workshop


    Dar Al-Hekma College – Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    • Fashion Design BFA Curriculum Development
    • Fashion Design in the Global Industry
    • Fashion Trends and Innovations in Fashion Design

    Research Interests:

    Wearable Art, Fashion Studies, Sustainable Fashion and Textile Industry, Fashion and Technology, Fashion and Science (Biodiversity, Biotechnology)