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    Originally from an Apparel background, Shireen designed for the special occasion, evening and bridal markets, then moved into Beading/Embroidery and Surface Design before ultimately finding her current niche as a Digital Designer for Fashion and Textiles. Shireen has worked for such clients as Nautica, Victoria's Secret, Liz Claiborne and Coach, among many others. Additionally, Shireen also provides personal or group training for the Adobe Creative Suite, for use in the Fashion and Textiles Industries. 

    As an educator, Shireen engages students to make meaningful connections across various design processes and work flows, with specific emphasis on reflection, editing and refining their work based on thoughtful analysis and insight. Students are encouraged to synthesize ideas and images to create their unique voice and awareness of personal aesthetic.

    Recently, through her work at Bank Street College of Education's "Leadership in Technology and the Arts" Graduate program (in collaboration with Parsons, the New School for Design), Shireen has aligned her expertise in Fashion and Design education, with her research and advocacy related to Cultural Diversity and Identity Development. Shireen conducts workshops and seminars, at private and independent schools, as well as community organizations.