• Profile:

    Jeff Crouse's work playfully comments on the role of technology in our lives. His work takes many forms, including software, web applications, installations, games, and video _ mostly as satire and parody. His piece Invisible Threads, a mixed reality installation about virtual labor, was featured at the New Frontiers Gallery at the Sundance Film Festival in 2007. James Chimpton, a robotic monkey, interviewed the artists of the 2008 Whitney Biennial using information harvested from the web in real time. His fictional software, Godblock, a parental control program to protect kids from religious indoctrination, sparked an online debate on the dangers of both censorship and fanaticism. His work has also been shown at the the DC FilmFest, the Come Out and Play Festival in Amsterdam, Laboral in G'jon, Spain, the Obie Awards, the Eyebeam Art and Technology Center, and his software "Unlogo" _ a corporate identity media filter _ will be featured in the September Berkeley Art Museum Net Art issue. He has received grants from Rhizome and Turbulence, and has completed residencies at Eyebeam and Minneapolis Art on Wheels. Jeff is OpenSource, Crowdsourced, and YouTubed.Jeff received his MS from the Digital Media program at Georgia Tech in 2006 and then joined Eyebeam from 2007-2010 in one of the longest-running fellowships ever awarded (thanks Eyebeam!). He is currently a freelance programmer and teaches in the Parsons Design and Technology program.

    Research Interests:

    computer graphics (CG),installation,programming