• Grace Jun

    Full-time Faculty


    Grace works at the intersection of universal design & fashionable technology. She teaches undergraduate and graduate students at the School of Fashion. Grace creates experiences where students are able to directly engage with marginalized communities, particularly people with disabilities through material exploration. She uses her research practice to bridge communities such as rehab centers, material manufacturers, 3dprinting companies, and disability groups. As the Executive Director at Open Style Lab (OSL), Grace leads a non-profit organization's mission to make style accessible to people with diverse abilities (i.e - elderly / people with disabilities). Her thought leadership has received nation-wide attention and has been featured at the White House Fashion Show Celebrating Inclusive Design, Assistive Technology, and Prosthetics, ABC Channel NewsNew York TimesVogue, and most recently Forbes. From Design Indaba to the United Nations, Grace has been asked to speak about disability and design in events and conferences around the world. 

    Degrees Held:

    MFA - Design & Technology at Parsons School of Design

    BFA - Rhode Island School of Design 

    Research Interests:

    inclusive design, wearable tech, functional fashion, universal design, user experience, smart textiles

    Current Courses:

    Fash Techniques Workshop

    Open Style Lab

    Design Studio 3

    Design Studio 4