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    Print & Graphic Design, Design Sketches, Renderings, Trending, Technical Packages, Merch Boards, Trend Boards, Line Lists, Planograms, Decks, Labels, Tags, Colorist 

    Degrees Held:

    BA SUNY Plattsburgh JD SUNY Buffalo, Arts Students League, FIT Continuing Ed., NYBG Botanical Drawing & Illus

    Recent Publications:

    Gesture Drawings Why We Gesture: The Surprising Role of Hand Movements in Communication by David McNeill / Cambridge 2016, Narrative Development in Young Children: Gesture, Imagery, and Cohesion by Elena Levy & David McNeill / Cambridge 2015.  Technical Drawings The Art of Dressing Curves: The Best Kept Secrets of a Fashion Stylist by Susan Moses / Harper 2016 Translation Laure: Ecrits by Colette Peignot / 1978. Out of Print. Working on New Translation. Author Nonction: On the Aesthetics of Beauty & Hell / Philosophy & Art / A Treatise on Beauty & The Beast. Work in Progress. Fiction: Body of H8 Surface of Love / Postmodern Love Stories. Work in Progress.

    Research Interests:

    graphics, surface design, web design, illustration, design research, fiction, philosophy, poetry, post-modern aesthetics.

    Current Courses:

    Fashion Technical Drawing

    Dig Graphics w/Illustrator 1 (Open Campus)

    Dig Graphics w/Illustrator 1 (Open Campus)

    Digital Flats & Specs