Parsons Paris

Student Profiles

  • Sandra Mathey Garcia-Rada '20


    Where were you born, and where did you grow up?
    I was born and raised in Lima, Peru.

    How has Paris inspired you in your projects and classes?
    Paris has such a rich history when it comes to fashion that it is hard not to be inspired by it. Fashion is so clearly part of the everyday life in this city that it is fascinating how much you can learn about it by just walking around the city, seeing an exhibition, and, of course, attending class. Before moving here, I knew that I was interested in studying fashion as a cultural phenomenon, but I was not aware of how wide the field of fashion studies actually was. I would say that both Paris and the MA Fashion Studies program have intensified my passion for this. I also find it fascinating how people here work from cafés and restaurants! Even when I have to work during the weekends (which is almost every weekend, to be honest!), I am inspired by this. Last semester, I became obsessed with working at a co-working café very close to my apartment.

    Tell us a bit about your experience in the MA Fashion Studies program.
    For anyone who is interested in MA Fashion Studies, I would definitely recommend Paris. Our professors are amazing, and we have fantastic guest speakers and guest lecturers. Here at Parsons Paris, the program is a little bit different than in NYC. It focuses on media, curation, and academic work, and we all get to explore those three areas. In my case, and for some of my colleagues, too, this has led us to discover new career paths. Also, Paris (and Europe!) provides so many great opportunities. 

    What three words would you use to describe the Parsons Paris community?
    Inspiring, family, and international.